The bridge between international law and media

Is the media doing the world justice?

DEBATE 16 JULY, THE HAGUE 16:00 – 18:00

What is international justice? And what is the media’s role in reporting it?

These two questions lie at the heart of a unique debate in The Hague – International City of Peace and Justice – on July 16, under the auspices of the Peace Palace 100 year celebrations.

Is international justice (IJ) only for criminals and victims, or for everyone? Is there enough coverage, accuracy or interest? How the media treats international justice is crucial to the answer. This event will attempt to formulate a definition of this much used yet opaque term.

Attended by the political and legal architects of IJ in The Hague, this debate will examine the myriad roles of courts like the ICJ and the ICC, the scope of the ‘international justice project’, and investigate its successes and failures.

Moderated by former BBC correspondent in The Hague, Geraldine Coughlan, the discussion will hear from law and media experts working at the heart of the international justice structure who want to share their views, hopes and experiences with a wider public.

The debate is accompanied by the online issue of a reporter’s pocket manual on the international courts of The Hague, followed by a reception.

This event is being staged by GCC Law & Media in collaboration with The Peace Palace of the Hague.

Location: Carlton Ambassador Hotel, Governor Room, Sophialaan 2, 2514 JP To register, please contact:

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